Rich Pictures and Use Cases as analysis tool

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For any process or product to be made successfully, the phenomenon of requirement analysis is very important. This is why the application of requirement analysis is commonly employed by businesses before they develop a new system or transform the one that has already been in existence.


Requirement analysis is carried out by using different techniques: one of these methods is Rich Picture. Rich Picture can be described as a graphical tool comprising of annotations and representations for different stakeholders in a system and the surrounding issues, their problems, conflicts, relationships, processes and motivation in a complicated circumstance. Peter Checkland developed this method as a way of collecting information about a complicated situation, and he termed it Soft System Methodology (Checkland 1981, p.37).
system, actors are the stakeholders: these could include the end-users and other systems that operate in the environment of the main system in use. Stakeholders aren't naturally parts of the system, but their activities or actions are given optimal recognition as the system is developed. Therefore, Use Case method helps to analyse what the primary actor in a system is expected to be doing as it relates to the main system. Hence Case Modeling is generally employed in software application. Knowing fully the usefulness of Use Case could help in the application of UML and other related software development processes.
comparing and contrasting its usages, merits and the problems that are associated with its application. ...
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