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African American philosophy

Philosophy is a detailed system of ideas about human beings and the nature of the human existence and truth.Actually it is a complete guide for living. It deals in issues which are fundamental and consider the steps we take in life for progress. It also deals with our attitude and treatment of other people. The main branches of Philosophy are: Metaphysics, which deals with reality, Epistemology, which deals with knowledge, Ethics, which considers moral values, Politics, which accounts for legal rights and governments, and Aesthetics, which looks in to nature of art.While we start to think of African American Philosophy, the first point going to pop up is the attitude of the citizens in developed countries towards the men in Africa. When compared citizens of United States and Africa, we understand that the Blacks are considered to be second-class citizens in the United States. In fact they are not considered human beings at all. In the past, they were treated as slaves. They were made to work day and night, beaten with sticks and transported along with asses and horses. They were not given proper food. When they were sick, they were not given medical treatment. They lived miserably. They had no hope of future. Things have not changed much, according to Charles Mills. At least a section of the U.S. citizens still see the Africans as somebody who maintains lower standards of life. Even though slavery has been abolished that sort of mindset still continues.Law was enacted to strengthen the concept that Blacks are sub-persons. ...
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Philosophy is a detailed system of ideas about human beings and the nature of the human existence and truth.Actually it is a complete guide for living.It deals in issues which are fundamental and consider the steps we take in life for progress.It also deals with our attitude and treatment of other people…
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