Emile Durkheim Theories

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Durkheim was a French sociologist who made a tremendous contribution to the modern sociology and anthropology. During his time Durkheim worked on several works which came to be accepted in the social science academic world. He has been considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern sociology and one of those who proposed solidarism as a social way of life.


His contribution in literature was also immense and is valued up to date (Cuff and Francis 2004, p. 40).
One of the main concerns of Durkheim was how the society was formed and how it operated. He observed the formation of the society and the maintenance of social order. He was concerned with the integrity and coherence of the modern society. In this case Durkheim recognized how the society was being transformed by the changes that were taking place in the social life of the people. Durkheim looked closely the shared religious and ethnic background that was changing the life of the society.
According to Durkheim, the social changes that were taking place due to religion and ethnic changes could not be ignored in the definition of a normal society. These factors determined how the society was formed and how it operated. To understand the nature of the society and the changes that were taking place, Durkheim constructed as social science model (Giddens 2001, p. 69).
Along with Herbert Spence, they developed the first scientific model that could be used to analyze and explain social phenomena. This model which was based on the social facts could be used to explain the existence and quality of different parts that makes up the society. ...
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