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Pierre Bourdieu's Theory of Practice

This includes structuralism, neo-Marxism, ethnomethodology, symbolic interactionism and symbolic approaches which derives itself from hermeneutics. Bourdieu's Outline of a theory of practice evaluates these different approaches by questioning a set of presuppositions that appears to be present in most of them. In this regard, Bourdieu deviates from the normal sociological practice of confining inquiry into how natives account for their ethnological world as it places into the limelight how sociological accounts construe these phenomena as objects of analysis. In other words, the aim is no longer to relate how men and women of different culture attaches meaning to their ways but in the way sociologists and anthropologists interpret the ways of these people.
In this paper, I will be providing a review of Bourdieu's work which will try to capture the essence of the composition. It should be noted that the complexity, depth and volume of Bourdieu's idea makes it a daunting task and the discussion provided can indeed have limitations. Nonetheless, I have tried to encapsulate and highlight the main points that Bourdieu makes in his philosophical undertaking.
Bourdieu forms his analysis through the por ...
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Pierre Bourdieu's Outline of a Theory of Practice is recognized as a major educational material for anthropologists and sociologists due to its discussions on the theoretical foundation of sociological practice. It is highly acclaimed for its philosophical approach to the methods, postures and approaches used in the study of human behavior and interaction…
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