Foucaults Analyses of the Repressive Hypothesis Essay

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Abstract: The purpose of this dissertation is to consider the nature of Power, Knowledge and Desire in Sexuality, as described by Michel Foucault in his analysis of the Repressive Hypothesis - the idea that the Victorians were a lot more repressed about sexuality than those of us alive today.


Sexuality was gradually divided into smaller pockets of desire, and some preferences isolated as 'perversions'. At the same time, the ethics of the confessional made it seem necessary to analyse and judge every sexual preference; power was created in this way for the benefit of the listener; in exchange the teller gained a system of knowledge, and the release of discourse. Power remained linked to sexuality through discourse and the importance of knowledge. The eighteenth and nineteenth century saw the classification of women's bodies as 'hysterical', children's bodies as 'innocent', family bodies as 'ritual' and 'social' and abnormal bodies as 'medical'. "A sexuality without sex": Paedophilia and the problem of repression in the current age. Feminists and Foucault: problems and sympathies. Male-repression, chosen sexuality, and the problems of sexual liberation movements; rebellion and convention: is there a sexual difference Controlling the body. Conclusion.
Michel Foucault has become one of the most influential of the French philosophers of the twentieth century. ...
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