Irrationalism and Imperialism in Poetry - Book Report/Review Example

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Irrationalism and Imperialism in Poetry

The poet has taken an image that most people associate with tranquility and turned it into a depressing scene. The stanza ends with 'the eternal note of sadness' being brought in by the sea. The poet is comparing the sea to the sum of all human troubles. The sea is eternal just as human suffering is eternal. The sea has also seen all of the human suffering and it mirrors these in its roars and waves. Society has became a sea of conflicts with different interests clashing with political theories and the way hunger for new territories and subduing of people gave rise to irrational justifications.
2) Darwin's universe consisted of individuals who, in the course of time, would undergo a process called evolution. The guiding principle behind this evolution is the 'survival of the fittest' wherein the weak will become extinct and the strong will dominate the land. In this theory, some men are designed to be stronger than others while others, with their frailties, are designed to be extinguished.
The concept of the "survival of the fittest" is used to justify the notion that some men are born to govern while others exist to be governed. Individuals were subject to this rule whether they like it or not. This is the connection of Darwin's universe to our topic.
Geometric order, rigor and reductionism were seen as virtues of the Enlightenment. ...Show more


In the poem Dover Beach, the poet uses conflicting imagery to give meaning to the poem. The differences in the way that the poet sees the relationship between the beach and the sea and the way that most people would see it become more pronounced as the poem develops…
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