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Essay example - Ethics

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Course 16 November 2011 Ethics A. List at least three things that are wrong with or problems with each of these theories:  EGOISM  Acting in one’s own best interest is the basis of Egoism. A problem with this theory is that a person often acts out of desire that contradicts what is truly best for that person…

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Egoism is also in conflict with conflict regulation. There are times when a moral choice requires one to act contrary to one’s own interest. The application of egoism would not allow this. UTILITARIANISM  People who prescribe to utilitarianism believe that one should always act in favor of what will provide the greatest amount of happiness for all people involved. The theory challenges one to measure happiness. This is difficult as happiness is subjective to each individual. Furthermore, utilitarianism condones terrible acts such as murder if those acts provide pleasure to the greatest number of people. Another concern is that there is no solid guide to follow and acts are often in conflict. Sometimes it is okay to do things like steal, other times it is not. Individuals must weigh the results of a particular action each time one encounters it in order to calculate the corresponding level of happiness for everyone involved and determine the proper course of action in each unique scenario. CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE  The Categorical Imperative admonishes people to act the way they would want all other people to act. The theory assumes that people are rational and will act accordingly. Those who are irrational for any reason, including illness, would be exempt from practicing this theory. ...
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