Altruistic Perspective of Spirituality

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The paper identifies all the relevant concepts of spirituality and the concepts are compared from the perspective of multiple disciplines of psychology, biology, management and nursing.


The defining attributes are extracted from the review of literature and defining attributes of the concepts are substantiated by antecedences and consequences. Dyson et al (1996) suggest that the vital part of “holistic nursing care” is to meet the spiritual needs of the patient. Mostly the assessment is the victim of the inappropriate conceptual frameworks and spirituality is understood as synonymous with religion. Dyson et al (1996). Whereas, the literature review reveals that hope, belief and relatedness got vital meanings for spirituality. It is actually the understanding of the individual’s concept of highest value of life. There has been no consensus on the meaning of spirituality and the concept of spirituality has often been confused with its religious connotations. The present day use of the word spirituality is at times vague and it is difficult to define it. This word is now detached from its religious connotations. In today’s vocabulary it may refer to “the deepest values and meanings by which people seek to live.” Since it reflects the subjective turn of the present Western culture, so, it now mainly focuses on “some kind of inwardness. It is also worth noting that this word has now all pervasive meanings for the modern world. It does not confine itself with the individualistic quest of meanings rather this word has its public values or in other words it is the transformation of social structure. ...
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