Attachment and Their Role in Intergenerational Continuity - Essay Example

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Attachment and Their Role in Intergenerational Continuity

However, the attachment that humans experience is not utilitarian nor is it driven merely by a drive to satisfy some basic needs. Animal and human attachment process are directly linked to the social aspects of our lives and the constraints of survival in an uncertain environment.
Bowlby's Theory of Attachment is of great value in studying the competence of human being in the struggle for survival, which in Darwin's view is possible based on fitness. The current evolutionary thinking considers structures and behavioral systems found in the population contributed to the reproductive success of the bearers in the milieu of evolutionary adapted ness. The biological function of attachment is to provide the conditions that keep proximity between infant and caregiver, which is essential for the infant to survive in a hostile environment. The caregiver-child strategies are aimed at accomplishing three universal goals. The are infant survival and eventual reproduction, economic self-sufficiency, and enculturation (Levine, 1982)
The process of natural selection prefers individuals who invest a great deal on childcare and rearing. ...
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Psychologists have made forays in to the subtle aspects of human behavior from the early days of Modern psychology. The attachment, which animals and humans develop also, has been put under the microscope. The studies centered on animals and later, on human beings have enriched the repertoire of knowledge…
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