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Men by Nature are Equal

Hobbs vociferously argues that men are born absolutely equal in nature and the slight variations in mental or physical strength, are always equalized by some hidden might and this means that the weakest could destroy the undeniably strongest either by secret conspiracy or open challenge, alone or with the help of fellow sufferers. The originality of Hobbs' theory starts from this point. He does not deny the man his rights of eliminating his foe directly or indirectly. Instead, he almost imposes man with a natural urge and duty of doing so. He sees the man as an equalizer and he leaves it to the man to choose his weapon1. He allows man to justify his theory of natural equality. Hobbs finds mental faculties ('native faculty') that man is born with as of greater significance, compared to the additional accomplishments (science, for example, that fails to impress Hobbs!) he has attained. He argues that mental capability is of greater equality than physical strength. Faculties of mind could undermine physical strength every time. He is unimpressed by prudence, which he calls another form of experience that one could attain with time and feels that time could not be partial, and all men have to get prudence in equal share2.
Basic nature of man never abandons him and even after many accomplishments, it surfaces at unguarded moments and this proves that men are more equal than unequal. ...
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Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), English Philosopher, who offered stunningly original political theories, argues that the natural equality and the war of all against all lead human beings into political society because of negative human appetite, aversion towards blood and gore and need of security and stability…
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