The marriage cure, inadequate solution of poverty

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In the article "the Marriage Cure" Katherine Boo discusses an important issue of the day concerning the status of marriage in the contemporary society and moral issues connected with it. The problems, unveiled in the article, had not received much publicity until Bush announced new welfare reform, because for some people these problems are too intimate or dedicated, they touch personal feelings and human soul.


From ancient times a marriage supposed to be the effective tool to eliminate poverty. But is it an adequate solution today
Literary critics express different views as for the Boo's article message. Some of them suppose that the research suggesting that governments and individuals tend to benefit from an increase in marriage rates is at this point very persuasive, and don't see much point in being coy about it. Marriage is probably the most cost-efficient antipoverty instrument a society possesses (Stewart, 2004).
The author gives special detailed attention to the difficulty which can follow single women in marriage rush. The article describes the problems of two single women and the imperfection of the institution marriage at the beginning of the 21st century. In the article Boo describes the realities of a marriage promotion program and their outcomes for low-income woman. She wrote: "Still, the days now contained enough hours for a reasonable woman to fret about her future" (Boo, 2003).
In one of her interview Boo argues that: "And if, inspired by that indoctrination, Kim, whose income was less than ten thousand dollars, manages to meet and marry a man who makes ten thousand dollars, their combined income would remove both of them ...
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