Realism and Romantism

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For millions of individuals that would have immigrated to America from other countries throughout the world, they would do so with one central thing in mind. That is, the desire for a better and more prosperous existence than they may have had, if they had chosen to not make such a voyage.


The core idea of the American Dream, would be the individual citizens ability to achieve a level of existence, that would enable them to live their live to the fullest. To not only provide for themselves but also, include the opportunity to be able to provide for their families as well. As it stood for many, the attitude towards the American Dream would be one of a wistful state. Many would desire it and hope to achieve it. On the other side of the equation, there would be those that felt the elements of the American Dream would be nothing more, than a capitalist viewpoint and the encouragement of a mentality that promoted greed through mass acquiring of products. In the earlier days of the nation, the assessment of the American Dream would take on the appearance of an innocent and romantic idea, something that would have taken such an appearance if documented by those writers of the Romanticism era of literature. As literature would enter into the more realistic era of time, those earlier thoughts would in fact be adjusted to be more in line with the time period around them.
During the period of the romantics, well known authors would have included Mark Twain, Emily Dick ...
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