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The rhetorical triangle in action

III. Logos Logos signifies accurate and logical arguments in communication. Jennifer uses her skill in logical argument to prove that even though she does not care about the EVAAS system, it still rates her highly. Diane also utilizes logos by using facts to make her point that even though Urban Prep was praised; it still scored far below ACT scores. IV. Ethos. Ethos is used to bring out credibility and realness in communication. In describing the problems in the education system, Diane uses a diplomatic tone. Mr. Dunlap on the other hand uses gestures and some Hungarian language to bring out the authenticity and realness of his story. V. Conclusion The rhetorical triangle is equilateral (logos, pathos, and ethos). If one of them is in excess such as logos, then the audience can switch off. Conversely, if the pathos is in excess, then the accuracy of the argument would be doubted. The rhetorical triangle in action Introduction The Rhetorical Triangle is premised on Aristotle’s idealism of perfect communication. The theory delves into a speaker’s ability to persuade his audience. The speaker has to appeal to listeners from three different angles, which Aristotle called ethos, pathos and logos. ...Show more


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Outline I. Introduction A rhetorical triangle is an ideal theory for perfect communication and offers avenues for audience persuasion. The listener is appealed through three ways: ethos, pathos, and logos. The application of the ideal theory is seen through analyzing two articles; "Frustration with leadership drives teacher from HISD" by Jennifer, and "Waiting for a School Miracle" by Diane…
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The rhetorical triangle in action essay example
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