Conscious Performance Analysis or CPA.

Conscious Performance Analysis or CPA. Essay example
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Conscious Performance Analysis or CPA enables some people to live a more purposeful life by being able to intellectually, spiritually and artistically examine the approach and reactions they have to the events of their lives.


In fact, being a skeptic, I would say that there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that most people do not invest any time into going beyond the Wondering Operation that involves attending to what interests them and ignoring what is of no interest. Critical Operations follow for those who find CPA a useful exercise, but unfortunately, most people find interest only in superficiality of the bag of chips they are devouring while sitting on their couch in front of their big screen watching Dancing with the Stars. The popularity of such superficial and meaningless programming as well as the rising obesity rates proves this assertion, or at least makes a very strong argument in favor of the assertion. The real value in CPA comes from the fact that it can lead people out of that inattentive, lazy place into a more enlightened, more examined life that truly is worth living. Americans especially, but I am sure that it occurs in other countries too, are lazy. The effort required to perform CPA and to do so on a regular basis is much more than most people have in them. So, those who do actively seek meaning, objectivity, knowledge, truth, reality, and value, even if they do not realize that they are performing CPA, are few and far between. To me to assume that most people do want to find greater meaning in their lives seems optimistic. ...
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