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Literature review: biodiesel

The technologists are thus left with the only option of using a liquid fuel that is not only renewable but can also be used vastly without any modifications for large number of vehicles. It is biodiesel. (Pahl, 2008, pp. xxi-xxvi) However this biodiesel also have some adverse impact on the human civilization. The most important impact is depicted through the argument of the ‘food versus fuel’ apart from other economic, social and political impacts. The crude palm oil that is used in the production of biodiesel is pulling out the crude palm oil required for the production of many food products. Thus there has been urgency for increasing the production of the palm oil which in turn requires the conversion of forests into areas of plantation. Thus to increase the production of the crude palm oil for a control over the price of the final products adverse impact is being imposed on the bio diversity and the environment. (Oxford Business Group, 2009, p 93) Thus this paper focuses on the “food versus Fuel” argument in the context of bio diesel along with the other adverse effects. Aims and objectives The main objective of this paper is to focus on the argument of “Food versus Fuel” associated with the production of biodiesel and to verify the extent of the truth involved in it. ...Show more


Biodiesel Introduction Though more and more new oil reserves are being exposed, the present demand for oil is about four times higher than the total volume of the oil discovered. Above 96 percent of the global production of oil is consumed in transportation…
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