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Symond’s case will be discussed. First, it will be discussed what the teleology and deontology are—followed by the definitions for assault, battery, false imprisonment, and negligence. The teleology of what occurred, or what was the end process, was abuse. The deontology of what occurred, or what was the duty of obligation—were principles that were violated. Assault is defined as a tort of violence against someone. Battery is defined as unlawful physical contact (Staunton & Chiarella, Pp. 25). False imprisonment is being held against one’s will. Negligence is failing to act upon one’s duty of care. III. Theory and Principle (300 words) Ms. Symond’s case is a classic case of elder abuse. According to Green (2003), “Despite growing concern about the problem, most countries have not passed specific elder abuse legislation” (Green, Pp.118). In theory, and in principle, there are so many things wrong with this situation that the list is seemingly endless. Regarding the theory and principles to be set forth, there were so many things wrong with this scenario. The patient’s rights were violated in many ways, which is the main principle or theory that, based on a moral model, would have been inexcusable had this happened in real life in any type of care setting—whether it be in the home, in the hospital, or in a nursing home. Allison left no written directives with her organization. According to Breen et al. (2010), “In all instances…verbal instructions must be confirmed in writing within 24 hours or as soon as is practicable” (Breen & Plueckhahn, Pp.288). Using the moral model, one sees that the various ethical dilemmas that are involved in this entire schema which was set up to analyse. Of course, it is not practical that one nurse should have had to deal with a woman who was a bit unstable as Ms. Symond. However, that was no excuse to leave the woman’s home, leaving her basically helpless, while she (the new nurse, Allison) went to lunch and expected someone else (a neighbour) to take care of poor Ms. Symond. In any case, based upon the moral model, Ms. Symond was done an utter injustice. In principle, everyone who can be blamed for her negligence should be sued with every last stripe of the law that applies to her situation. She was a victim of elder abuse, and no one should have to weather such a horrible experience—as it stands (Skene, Pp. 123). IV. Torts (900 words) Regarding torts, first of all, the nurse named Allison should be charged with neglect due to her lack of duty of care on the part of Ruth, the patient. She should not have forced any kind of treatment on Ruth—even if she thought it was best for her to do a compression dressing. Instead, Allison should have followed Ruth’s directives or wishes unless she did not have the power of attorney. It was very careless of Allison to simply tell Ruth that she would leave her walker out in the hallway till someone came back around lunchtime—a neighbour, no less—to check up on her. That nurse was so careless that she should be stripped of her licensure due to that foul-up. As a result, when trying to go to the bathroom, Ruth slipped and received a laceration—which is a deep cut—on her head. Not only this, but Ruth was also attended to by careless paramedics who didn’t transfer her over to the appropriate care unit until she was discovered some time later, not having been attended to yet. Both on the parts of Allison and the ...Show more


Ethics and Law in Health by Name of the of the Instructor Submitted on _ I. Introduction (75 words) In the case that is going to be presented, which is disturbing as they come, an elderly woman by the name of Ruth Symond is left to her own devices and is neglected both inside and outside of her own home…
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Scenario essay example
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