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Naturalized Epistemology Introduction The question for certainty and truth has long been part of humanity’s quest for answers to some basic questions that people normally possess. Perhaps, some of these questions may include how do I know that I know x? At first glance, the questions appear to be rhetorical.


This implies that ‘x’ is in such context or state that the possibility of ‘x’ being known is increased. Finally, third, the question of certainty, which is highlighted by the question by the question ‘how do I know that I know x? In the face of such questions, can it be hold that certainty is something that eludes humanity since the basis for the certainty of what people may claim to know is not stable and solid. In fact, some modern philosophers have asserted the supposition that maybe there is an evil demon that is playing a trick on us making people believe that x can be known when in fact, it is not. Nonetheless, what is vital in this scenario is that epistemology has been considered as humanity’s response to uncertainty as presented by the malum genie. In this sense, epistemology has become field that sought to eliminate uncertainty by providing the solid ground wherein one may claim with certainty that one has a knowledge of X. Is this quest of epistemology significant? Coming from a common perspective, the certainty of what we may claim to know is vital in the relationship with our claims regarding the world and the ensuing empirical claims, in which, scientific knowledge is claimed to be anchored. ...
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