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Running head: Objectivist versus constructivist Objectivist versus Constructivist in Health and Illness (name) (date) Objectivist versus Constructivist Introduction The delivery of healthcare services is considered one of the most essential social services of any country and government institution.


This paper shall now consider the debate regarding the objectivist and constructivist concepts of health and illness. It shall argue for the acceptance of one philosophical account over the other. It shall provide an analysis, comparison, and evaluation of both theories in relation to health and illness. This study is being carried out in the hope of establishing a thorough and comprehensive understanding of these theories in relation to health and illness. Discussion The current trends in philosophical thinking have focused on defining disease concepts as those which involve experiential assessments on human physiology and on human behavior and well-being (Bloomfield, 2001). First and foremost, people have beliefs about the normal functioning of their bodies based on their natural and logical expectations of physiology. Secondly, people make generalizations about how a way or condition of life is true or not. These generalizations are based on normative principles which are concerned with the “extent to which a life is unnatural, undesirable or failing to flourish in some way” (Murphy, 2008). A crucial issue is on the judgments which people make about their physiology and whether they are also considered normative. ...
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