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However, cancer treatments are conducted by two radiation methods i.e. ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. The ionizing radiation includes X-rays and Gamma rays, as (Yale 2001) identified a disadvantage of passing ionization radiation process from the body. The ionization radiations are absorbed by thick tissues in the body that enables them to be chemically reactive resulting in a cell damage. The study concluded restrictions for using ionization radiation to a minimal as it can raise issues related to human health. Disclosure to ionization radiation is another factor that needs consideration, as there are evidences available that has linked disclosure of low-level ionization radiation by the doses, which are given for the development of cancer by medical imaging. An inclusive review of biological and epidemiological data associated with health risk of ionization radiation exposure was conducted by the ‘National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council. Moreover, the review is recently published in the form of a report named as the Biological Effects of Ionization Radiation (BEIR) VII Phase 2. In the report, the epidemiologic data demonstrated the survivors of the atomic bomb along with the population living near the facilities that are equipped with nuclear technology throughout the releases of Chernobyl, which is a radioactive material. ...
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The Risks associated with Ionizing Radiation in Medical Imaging practice, and the Precautions required for Protection against them. Modern science has been transfigured by the medical imaging technology and trends. It has come forward as an undefinable opportunity to safe one’s life by identifying and detecting diseases at earlier stages…
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