Public Relation (Proposal)

Public Relation (Proposal) Essay example
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Effectiveness of Websites and PR: Case Study of Draco Corp Name, Name Professor Class May 27, 2011 Abstract The capability of meeting needs with consumers is one of the growing ideologies that are occurring. The market of online technologies is continuing to emerge as a main way of working toward larger sales and a global presence.


When looking at Draco Corp, an electronic store, it can be seen that specific changes need to be made with the website to begin altering the ways in which it is able to grow. The website can be enhanced to reflect the brand identity of the business while creating a sense of press relations through interactions, image and the presentation of the business. Examining the best approaches that Draco Corp can use for enhancing the website for larger consumer interactions, brand loyalty and trust will begin to change the associations which this business has for online transactions. ...
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