Interactive media and socialisation change.

Interactive media and socialisation change. Essay example
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The continuous development of technology worldwide has influenced all human activities; communication and socialization had also to change in order to meet the needs of people, as differentiated because of the advances of technology.


Current paper focuses on interactive media; emphasis is given on the potential role of interactive media for the introduction of changes in socialization. At the next level, the following issue is addressed: does the socialization related to interactive media lead to the increase of political awareness? The terms under which the interaction between media (in their interactive form), socialization and political awareness can be developed are examined and critically evaluated in this paper. It is proved that interactive media have significantly changed socialization; at the next level, the above relationship has affected the political awareness, meaning that it has become easier for people to be informed on critical political issues - comparing to the past where no such mode of communication was available, a fact which had negatively influenced the political awareness of people in various social classes. 2. Interactive media and socialization Interactive media have introduced new modes of socialisation. In order to understand the role of interactive media in changing socialisation it would be necessary to refer primarily to the context of interactive media, as a modern way of communication. Traditionally, media were used for informing the public on a series of issues. In other words, in their initial form media promoted the one-way communication with the public (Milne et al. 1999, p.138). ...
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