Criminal Behavior and Mental Disorders - Essay Example

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Criminal Behavior and Mental Disorders

While the ancient Greeks argued that logic, not instinct, was what gave rise to knowledge, most people today use a combination of both. Just as a cop follows a lead on “instinct” or a mother knows her child is sick through “intuition”, humans rely on an illogical gut reaction to compliment logic in the decision making process. Ignoring this gut reaction in favor of pure logic can cause humans to draw irrational conclusions, as is the case with Backlar. Furthermore, ignoring this visceral reaction causes Backlar to defy society’s view of justice in favor one more easily dismissed by logic in her article, and causes her to not only act against her human instinct, but to also practice a lower quality of medicine. Because it contradicts her profession, society’s view of justice, the instinctual feeling of what is right, I reject Barker’s conclusion that the criminally insane should be viewed as felons. In her article, Backlar tells the story of being a naive provider in a criminal psychiatric ward and feeling shocked upon hearing a more senior provider refer to patients as felons. ...Show more


Your Name Date Course Response to Patricia Backlar’s Ethics in Community Mental Health Care: Criminal Behavior and Mental Disorder: Impediments to Assigning Moral Responsibility One of the most interesting aspects of the argument Patricia Backlar makes in her article “Ethics in Community Mental Health Care: Criminal Behavior and Mental Disorder: Impediments to Assigning Moral Responsibility” is the epistemological lineage she draws her logic from…
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