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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date Curation A curator is one who designs the way in which an exhibit will be shown in order to guide the viewer through the experience in a way that adds meaning to the event. Control is part of the domain of the curator as they assert control over the experience in a way that is beyond that of the artist.


The nature of the curator in creating an exhibit is in finding a way to define who, in the artist to curator relationship, designs what the viewer will see. According to Rugg and Sedgwick, the division between the curator and the artist creates a dilemma on how the eventual outcome of the viewing of the art can be determined. They state that “The heightened preoccupation with the authorial aspect of curating might be seen as a defensive reaction to the shared critical and cultural values and criteria through which the institutional power of curating is mediated and legitimized” (97). In discussing the authority of the act of curating, one is discussing the way in which the position of the curator becomes one of control in determining some of the interpretation of the work of the artist. In developing an exhibit of contemporary art, the nature of the exhibit must engage the viewer in such a way to put them in a space that provides context for the pieces that are shown. The pieces should have a “passive social and material relationship dominated by the eye and a fashionable sense of order (Harding 39). ...
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