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Essay example - Acne and Its Phychosocial Impacts

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Acne and Its Psychosocial Impacts Of all chronic diseases,skin diseases have the greatest impact on a person because it is highly visible.Through it is not life threatening,it can affect a person’s quality of life…

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438). In a society which places high regard for appearance, and a healthy, glowing skin, skin disorders are often associated with uncleanliness, In many cases, people with skin conditions are avoided, because of the perception that all skin problems are contagious. Minor skin conditions can have major psychosocial effects to individuals experiencing it. Such condition affects a person’s self image, as well as how an individual interacts with others. Interpersonal relationships often suffer and affected individuals are traumatized with stares and expression of revulsion that they receive from society. In cases when skin conditions are chronic, affected persons may be branded as social outcasts, hence leading to other psychological issues such as depression or social anxiety. For the purpose of this paper, the author will explore the effects of acne on an individual’s social experience. Acne vulgaris (common name, acne) is a “disease of the hair follicles of the face, chest, and back” (Rockoff & Cole, 2011). It is considered as the most common disease and almost all males and females have experienced it. It usually appears during puberty, peaks at around 14 to 19 and resolves by mid-twenties (Adityan & Thappa, 2009, p. 272). The disease tend to be more persistent in females but the more severe form is more commonly experienced by males. ...
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