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Essay example - The different tactics of Robert Rauschenberg used in his work to contest abstract expressionism

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The paper deals with the life of the outstanding person - Robert Rauschenberg. He had a great contribution to the field of art, reshaping it at various points in history. He is most popularly known for his combines- a combination of paintings and sculptures. …

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Rauschenberg worked for years against the conventional forms of art and had an important part to play in the progression towards freedom from Abstract expressionism. Rauschenberg was not a lonely and isolated voice and the striking feature of his work is the subjugation of ordinary items of daily life over the bridgehead of Abstract expressionism. O’Doherty contends that Rauschenberg tries to give substance to an uncertain and doubtful limbo present in the chasm between art and life. The combines are in essence a way of redefining how art has been perceived immediately after the Second World War. When collages, paintings, items of daily use and sculptures are considered together, one can appreciate how they present anti-logic of what is perceived by the subconscious. O’Doherty argues that it is this anti-logic that helps to make the transformation from Abstract expressionism of the modernist era to Pop art. The strategy by which the artist is able to bring about a change is to use a method that embodies life completely and delineates it in a transformed form which aspires to art. This manifest itself in the artist’s quote that Art has everything to do with life, but it has nothing to do with Art. Many artists including Alan R. Solomon consider the works of Rauschenberg to be a bridge between art and life, a conviction supported by Rauschenberg himself. Thus, Rauschenberg and his contemporaries such as Cage and Cunningham, challenged the chief principles of modernism. ...
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