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Customer name Instructor Course Date Explain the different tactics Robert Rauschenberg used in his work to contest abstract expressionism. Consider, as part of your response, the following quote: "It is neither Art for Art, nor Art against Art. I am for Art, but Art that has nothing to do with Art.


He had a great contribution to the field of art, reshaping it at various points in history.1 He is most popularly known for his combines- a combination of paintings and sculptures. It was in the 1950s when Rauschenberg started incorporating mass-media images into his art. His intention for making such works was to present them in a new light; the nature of the works was receptive and unguarded while being indeterminate. The combines that he started creating during this period were exclusive representation of such an approach to art. In essence, the combines tend to show Rauschenberg’s depiction of the art that already exists. The combines were presented in different ways. Some combines had three-dimensional objects embedded in them along with the paintings. Others would contain paintings embedded in specific parts of the artwork. The 1950s saw a general trend in artwork. The assemblages were typically characteristic of art reproductions, magazines and newspaper sections. Moreover they usually had parts which were painted in a particular style i.e. Abstract Expressionism.2 Abstract expressionism refers to the art movement that emerged and gained impetus after the Second World War. It was considered as the first most important US movement towards the achievement of a global influence and power. ...
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