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Relationship Between Knowledge and Belief. What Role Does Experience and Reason Play in Ensuring our Beliefs Are True - Essay Example

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Relationship Between Knowledge and Belief. What Role Does Experience and Reason Play in Ensuring our Beliefs Are True

What is important to note here is the underlying significance on the shaping up of beliefs. If these beliefs are not given the room to expand within their entireties, there is little one can do in essence. Similarly, experience and reason have got a due role within the relevant scheme of knowledge and beliefs. Experience comes with an understanding that things can be learned with the passage of time. As far as knowledge is concerned, teacher can teach knowledge but he cannot force his own self to change beliefs and opinions which take a long time to change essentially. Knowledge leads to experience after a particular task is worked upon. If the knowledge is not employed in a due capacity, experience will not be deemed as fruitful. Therefore, one must understand the dictum of positive change that shall dawn upon the entirety of an individual who wants to attain knowledge. If the knowledge is acquired, then only experience is derived from the same settings. The role of the teacher is therefore an important one but it is the guidance that shall lead a student towards deducing what is deemed as a better alternative for him, and what shall not reap any rich dividends for his personality in the coming times. ...Show more


Relationship between knowledge and belief. What role does experience and reason play in ensuring our beliefs are true? Knowledge and belief are interlinked. This is because knowledge leads to belief of a certain entity or happening for that matter. It must mean that knowledge is such that it shall bring about a certain perspective with regards to a topic at hand…
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