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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date Evaluation of the Creative Experience of Artistic Achievement Creating a piece of artwork takes a great number of skills. The work takes the skills of the technique so that the application of the materials express the vision of the artist.


Being an artist also takes the skill to evaluate one’s self in relationship to the creative moment, to be able to channel that something from deep inside into the piece so that the work is something more than just ‘pretty’. In deciding to be an artist, the pathway towards artistic achievement is far beyond the imaginings of the experience, even for the artist. Technique evolves through the experience of working with a medium. One learns through the educational venue, through working with materials, and through exploring with the raw substances that will go into creating the piece of work. One of the surprises in working with the materials that I have chosen for my body of work is that it takes so much longer to assemble a work than I had ever imagined. Despite that fact that it took someone like Seurat two years to paint Grande Jatte, I was surprised at how long different types of detailed work took to complete (Elkins74). One of the mediums that I used was to assemble work using a colour palette developed from magazine clippings and weaving. The piece that I created, a scene of one boy carrying another on his back, took me a long length of time because of the limits on the colour palette and because of the intricacy of the work. ...
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