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To what extent should companies go with business bluffing in order to maximize profit? - Essay Example

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To what extent should companies go with business bluffing in order to maximize profit?

In the present age, when the people have become very conscious regarding the environmental issues and the health and safety aspects of business, businessmen are exposed to a lot of challenges. The rise in level of social consciousness comes as a potential threat to the profitability of businesses because the two are on the two extremes of the seesaw. The profitability increases when the standards of ethics are not complied with and vice versa. Businessmen frequently make use of bluffing to maximize their profits. Bluffing in business is essentially a strategy of the like which is used in games like poker. The game strategy has no reflection in the bluffer’s morality.
When a businessman respects truth, he/she essentially considers it “the basis of private morality” (Carr). A businessman deserves respect for respecting the truth. Bluffing has become an essential component of many kinds of businesses. For example, in court, when a lawyer fights a case for a client, his/her job is to prove that he/she is not guilty regardless of what the truth is, and this is fully understood by the judge and everyone who is involved in the jury down the line. It is commonly said that the court is blind, which means that a judge can not take a decision if he/she believes one of the parties is right unless that party provides the judge with sufficient evidence against the criminal party. This is perfectly consistent with Henry Taylor’s statement, “falsehood ceases to be falsehood when it is understood on all sides that the truth is not expected to be spoken” (Carr). This description of bluffing is as valid for business as it is for poker. ...
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To a certain extent, bluffing increases the profitability without damage to the society whereas after that extent, damage to society is more than profit earned by the businessman. This paper determines that extent…
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