Moral Problem Paper

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Introduction The concept of morality is one that is divided according to both circumstances and the identity of an individual. When looking at specific situations, one is able to identify the main attributes which are associated with morality. A relationship that is a part of this comes from businesses that are associated with ethics and how this pertains to the work that is done.


However, the ethical questions raised by the CEO relate to the work structure, expectations for the sales and the functions that are within the business. Background and Facts The difficulties with the Wal – Mart store and the overall functions are known to relate to the overall structure of the group and the way that it works with customers and with employees. The store is renowned for the work structure that is not able to support those working in the front lines. This begins with a lack of compensation that is given to workers, sweat shops that are used to produce the different items and the inability to meet needs of those that are working for the company. The structure is known to consist of employees that are required to work seven days a week or overtime to make enough from the company. At the same time, the company is known to offer welfare to the workers, specifically because it doesn’t pay enough to those who are working within the structure. The problems with the structure continue with known buybacks, which recently consists of over $15 billion in stocks, specifically which is going to the CEO and other top executives, as opposed to those who are working within the company (Gogoi, 1). The current situation of Wal – Mart is one that is now being followed by the new CEO, Mike Duke. ...
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