Plato’s Apology.

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Plato and his writings through the Platonic Dialogues constitute some of the foundational elements of the Western philosophic tradition. Over the course of Plato’s career his works span an enormous array of subjects.


An individual named Meletus, who had accused him of corrupting the Athenian youth, had brought Socrates to trial. The Apology then represents the entirety of Socrates’ argument to the court to prove his innocence and demonstrate the absurdity of Meletus claims against him. This essay contextualizes the claims that have been made against Socrates and considers whether or not he is guilty of them. The Apology begins with Socrates expending considerable effort to demonstrate how he came to partake in his role as an expounder of wisdom and intellectual thought. He describes how a truth-teller claimed that Socrates was the wisest individual in the land, and how he went about attempting to test the truth of this claim. He indicates that he engaged many individuals in intellectual debate and after leaving each conversation came to the realization that he was in actuality the wisest. Socrates then turns his argument to Meletus claim that in expounding his wisdom he has consciously corrupted the Athenian youth. The main contention in these regards is that Socrates has instructed the youth that the Greek Gods are not real, or not to be believed. Socrates attempts to refute Meletus argument that he willfully corrupts the Athenian youth, by advancing the argument that it is impossible for a worse person to harm a better person. ...
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