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However, when an individual’s action causes or is believed to cause harm unto others, then his absolute freedom ends. His right to total independence ends where the right of others to the same kind of liberty begins. The very moment an individual crosses the line that separates him from others, he loses his absolute liberty and must now comply with the rules and regulations imposed by society so that that all persons with liberty and freedom of thought and action may co-exist peacefully. These rules that prohibit certain actions or compel an individual to conduct himself within the prescribed manner are created not to interfere and diminish his liberties but to ensure that an individual, in the exercise of his liberties, does not cause harm unto others. Aptly, the principle of self-protection shall only be applicable to matters which involve the society and the individual. Society may only forbid or coerce an individual if the reason is to prevent him from harming others and nothing else. II. Mill cites other reasons to remonstrate, or reason, with someone that do not justify com­pelling him. What are these? Under the principle of self-protection, the one and only reason to compel and control an individual against his will is to prevent him from causing harm unto others. ...
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I. What is the principle that Mill asserts and which area of life is it supposed to govern? John Stuart Mill expressly declares in his essay that he is asserting on the principle of self-preservation as the one and only reason for disturbing the peace and liberty of another…
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