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God's Existence

Irrespective of religion, every child is told about the accountability to the God. The significance and objective of the whole world gyrate around this answerability. Apart from these thoughts other deliberations that persist encompass- existence of life on the planet is by chance and no one is held responsible to some inspirational life form or soul. People belonging to this view, however, believe in fun and joy as the chief essence of life. Thus, conventionally, four chief arguments related with the existence of God emerged, encompassing- (1) the cosmological argument; (2) the teleological argument; (3) the ontological argument; and (4) the moral law argument. The present article deals with the teleological argument. This is popularly known as "the argument from design" (Greek meaning, telos- design). According to this argument, the universe confirms the presence of complex life forms, from tiniest creatures to the biggest animals and plants; everything is in a perfect order and are inter-linked; moreover no one modulates these living beings but they are self-modulated in a perfectly controlled manner. ...
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"Does God exist?" "Where is God?" "Why can't we see Him?" These are the questions which every individual would have asked as a child. Depending upon the outlook, insight and depth of knowledge an individual possess, the answer is provided. …
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