Interventions towards Food Security in India- a case of Kerala state in South India

Interventions towards Food Security in India- a case of Kerala state in South India Essay example
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Earlier, food availability and stability were considered the good indicators for measuring food security in any country and hence, achievement of self sufficiency was given higher priority in the food policies of the developing countries


But this concept has undergone through considerable changes as self sufficiency or food surplus alone will not solve the problem of food security. Though India has been a food surplus country since the late 1960’s (Green Revolution) and India was successful in achieving self sufficiency of food, it could not solve the problem of food security (Ahluwalia, 1993, Dre’ze and Sen, 1989, Khatme and Alber, 1997). Hence, the concept of food security has to be more inclusive in order to capture the dimensions of the issue. Availability of food to the needy people is considered to be food security. Normally, food energy intake at household level has been given priority in assessing food security. But in the case of Kerala state in India, it will be unrealistic to expect food self sufficiency. But through public intervention methods, importantly through Public Distribution System, Kerala has done considerable successful interventions in food security, though the problem has not been solved fully. The issue of food security in the form of non-availability of sufficient calorie intake exists only in exceptional marginalized pockets of the state (Ahluwalia, 1993 and Dre’ze and Sen, 1995). ...
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