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Human Embryonic Research

“Natural law…permitted: (1) if the action was good in itself or not evil, (2) if the good followed as immediately from the cause…, (3) if only the good effect was intended, and (4) if there was as important a reason for [the good] as for allowing the evil effect.”1 This proves, in effect, only that natural law allows for some freedom of interpretation, supposing that the good effect trumps the evil effect. Natural law does not go so far as to say, “Embryos are not feeling beings therefore they don’t deserve the same respect as human beings.” Even though embryos are potential human lives in the sense that, yes, the sperm has joined the egg—this a baby does not make. An embryo goes through nine (9) months of gestation in order to form a fully-formed human being. Anything less is not considered—for all legal purposes—a person. Of course, one could rationalize that, sure, an embryo is just a person in an undeveloped stage. The fact is, if one can’t describe with words what constitutes a life, then one does not know what a life constitutes. People can cry foul and say all they want about “it was the chicken before the egg,” but what they really don’t understand is that human life is a miracle in the making and it can’t be explained by natural law. ...Show more


Human Embryonic Research Word Count: 799 Human embryos should not necessarily be shown the same respect as all rational beings; however, human embryos should be regarded as potentially sentient beings, and therefore be afforded the same respect that all sentient (or “feeling”) beings are afforded…
Author : pwillms
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