Contrasts on the Topic of Eros

Contrasts on the Topic of Eros Essay example
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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date Contrasts on the Topic of Eros The concept of eros is discussed in terms of the search for beauty, although the object of the quest that is eros can be defined by a number of different terms. Socrates develops his discourse on eros through the search for beauty which he defines as wisdom.


In a discussion of eros through the insights of Socrates and Phaedrus, the nature of the quest and the object of those desires are discovered in relationship to the framework of Plato. Within the speech that Socrates made in Phaedrus, he defined the meaning of the term eros as “a certain desire” (Rhodes 3). In this, it is suggested that the desire is without hesitation, a feeling in which the individual is driven towards the object of the desire without deviation. The desire is certain, it is clear with purpose of connectivity, both physical and mental. However, in the second speech, he begins to call it a yearning, which suggests that it is a pull towards something, a feeling based on the envy of want and without that same certainty that he has suggested in his first description. Eros, through its certainty or its capacity of yearning, is manifested in passion. If desire is the look towards fulfillment, then passion is the fulfillment of that anticipatory event of desire. The nature of eros, as it is associated with the god from whom it was given its context, eros is a potential that was placed within the human frame of emotions. It is the potential of developing feelings for others, the potential for the experience of connection. ...
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