Theories of Human Communication, the social media and the Arab spring.

Theories of Human Communication, the social media and the Arab spring. Essay example
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Full name Instructor Course Date Theories of Human Communication Social Media and the Arab Spring-An Analysis Human communication has undergone a sea change since the past decade. A ‘more universal’ form of communication has now emerged, crossing lingual, social, cultural, continental and even legal borders.


The first wave of such a change was felt with the advent of mobile phones and the short messaging services (SMS) offered by them. Electronic media like e-mail and instant messaging followed next. Just when it seemed that communication couldn’t get any better, social media and networking via the internet took over, bringing people from every nook and corner of the world together onto a single platform. Though the world has been called a ‘global village’ since the beginning of this century, it was in this decade that the label served its true purpose. Human communication has attained a new definition, and is now at its full force through social media. Social media has been the major driving force behind the Arab uprising that is reverberating in the Arab world today, and it is only through social media that people are at freedom to voice their thoughts and fight for what they deserve. According to S.F. Scudder, "All living entities, beings and creatures communicate. They communicate through movements, sounds, reactions, physical changes, gestures, languages, breath, etc”1. This statement is a part of the theory of communication and is known as the ‘Universal Communication Law’. Indeed, communication is an integral part of living, and it is impossible to survive without it. ...
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