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Life Philosophy. What is My Philosophy How Do I Live My Life - Essay Example

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Life is a misery to all even if some people may not agree this argument. Nobody knows from where we come and where we go after death. It is a fact that we are driven by energy (Life) and as per the scientific laws energy can neither be created nor be destroyed…
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Life Philosophy. What is My Philosophy How Do I Live My Life
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Life Philosophy. What is My Philosophy How Do I Live My Life

In that sense, our life will continue even after our death; but where and how? Socrates is believed to be the first philosopher who tried to find the meaning of life. He tried to explain the life in terms of a person’s commitment towards the state. Even though he had not written anything; he transferred all his knowledge and opinions about life to his disciples or students. Plato, one of the prominent students of Socrates, was responsible for spreading the thoughts of Socrates to the external world. Each and every person has a life philosophy. It will start from the birth and will end with death. Life philosophy of a person can change periodically based on his/ her life experiences and the knowledge he acquires from the world. In this paper I briefly explain my life philosophy until now with respect to the arguments of Socrates. I have started to think something about life when I was around eight years old. From that period onwards, I started to listen, the opinions of my parents, priests and other people about the meaning of life. I had lot of doubts at that period since all these people talked about good and evil. They taught me that only good people will get salvation whereas bad people will go to hell. I was very much afraid of my life at that period. My parents told me that the life in hell is a miserable one whereas the life in heaven is an eternal one and also enjoyable. I never liked the idea of going to hell because of the miseries waiting for me there and decided to make a conscious effort to go to heaven. But, it was difficult for me to strictly adhere with the norms for getting salvation. I found it extremely difficult to handle the pressure going in the routes to heaven. My worries about life continued till I became around 15 years of age. From that period onwards I started to enjoy my life and had given less importance to the norms of a moral life. I think both my physical and psychological needs started to change drastically during this period which prevented me from opting for a moral life. I started to neglect the moral views about life and looked only at the materialistic aspects of life. I thought life is for enjoyment and there is no pint in worrying about the future life. I thought the present life is the important one and the creator will manage our future life. I thought we came to this world unknowingly and the creator is responsible for sending us here and it is his responsibility to make necessary arrangements for our future as we have no control over our life. But, from 18 years onwards, my life philosophies again started to change mainly because of my learning about Socrates and his teachings through Plato. I was very much attracted by the way in which Socrates met his death. Even when his life was in jeopardy, he never tried anything to rescue it. He never gave up his views and philosophies about life. He has given less importance to his personal life and gave more importance to the wellbeing of the nation. He never considered what other people said about life and argued that what other people will say clearly doesn't matter and only the opinion that counts is not that of the majority of people generally, but rather that of the one individual who truly knows (Socrates: Philosophical Life). The above teaching of Socrates has influenced me a lot. I have realized that life is precious to all and it should be lived as per our own ideas and knowledge rather than the ideas of others. Moreover, I have realized that truth has a significant role in life and it is impossible for a society or nation to progress using false means. The argument of Socrates that the truth alone deserves to be the basis for decisions about human action has influenced me ... Read More
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(Life Philosophy. What Is My Philosophy How Do I Live My Life Essay)
“Life Philosophy. What Is My Philosophy How Do I Live My Life Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/philosophy/38253-are-philosophy-and-religion-always-in-opposition.
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