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Abortion - Today's Contemporary Moral Issue

To date no convincing results could be procured rather it emerged as the most contentious of all the existing contemporary societal concerns of the present century (Ethics of Abortion: Is it Moral or Immoral to Have an Abortion).
Abortion poses a ethical, societal, and therapeutic predicament that blend up poignant answers among disputants of the topic. Abortion is such an issue that carries two viewpoints encompassing choice and life.
Life is present in the fetus right from the moment of conception, a fetus, or human embryo, is considered to be a living individual. Due to the act of abortion, the individual is divested from the survival and therefore for some abortion is considered to be equivalent to murder. The view is supported by the Catholic Church, as it is the moral responsibility to prevent every individual (Ethics of Abortion: Is it Moral or Immoral to Have an Abortion).
On the contrary, decision to give birth to the young one is the right of the mother and there should not be any interventions. Thus it is a matter of fetal life but at the same time the issue is concerned with the upbringing of the child and also the consent of the mother who has to give birth to the baby (individual). The present article considers the philosophical facet of abortion, as it encompasses the ethical assessment of the proceedings. ...
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Abortion, as the name suggests, means abort of finish, miscarriage. An act of instantaneous slaughter of a human before the baby is born. It is becoming the most contemporary issues in the present day scenario…
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