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These were declared to be unrelated to true happiness (Schervish and Whitaker 16). In his monumental Nicomachean Ethics, he pointed out that the majority of the people believed true happiness to be derived from material things. Nevertheless, people express dissatisfaction with fleeting pleasure and Aristotle rightly points out the futility of expecting honor, possessions and pleasures to provide true happiness. The latter is based on a principle that these cannot create. (Schervish and Whitaker 16). There is some ambiguity associated with the term happiness, which has come to denote an emotion that is the opposite of sadness. Happiness, per se, lacks permanency and determining whether a person is happy is the province of the person experiencing that emotion. Moreover, the attitude of a person towards this emotion determines whether that person is happy or not. Furthermore, the same stimulus or events may fail to produce happiness in an individual, on each and every occasion. Such is the subjective nature of this emotion (Miller).Thus, happiness is chiefly psychological. On the other hand there are some scholars, who believe that happiness is not merely a subjective phenomenon. It is their contention that happiness is the outcome of enjoying a trouble free life. This state of being has been held to be continuous by these scholars. As the underlying elements of such happiness are general in nature, there is no subjectivity involved(Miller). Consequently, any individual under the same circumstances as a happy person should also be happy. Aristotle was of the firm conviction that happiness was understood differently by the elite of society and the common man. Nevertheless, within a specific class of society, there was consensus regarding what constituted happiness. Thus, it was presumed that the proletariat would equate happiness with some obvious condition like pleasure, wealth or honor. On the other hand, the elite could be expected to relate happiness to critical reflection and excellence (Miller). With regard to happiness being the result of the possession of money and health, the elite would attach minimal importance. Ancient ethics promoted the idea that the manner in which people derived satisfaction in their life was the subject matter of ethics. Thus, the good life had to perforce dwell upon issues, such as the manner of life that a person wanted to lead, performing acts that would promote the good of others, and actions that would benefit the individual (White 3). Aristotle had been seized with engendering an environment, wherein good human functioning and prosperity could develop a pace. He was of the opinion that the utmost happiness was to be aimed for, both at the individual as well as the societal level. Physical existence and moral and intellectual qualities were the distinguishing features of a life that was prosperous and good(Ormeci). The human soul, according to Aristotle, is very precious. As a result, it is of far greater importance to fulfill moral qualities, in comparison to other elements. He firmly believed that the best possible life that a man could lead was one whose virtue was adequately supported by material resources (Ormeci).These resources were to promote participation in acts that would uphold virtue.Aristotle was an advocate of the notion that happines ...Show more
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[Name of the Student] [Name of the Professor] [Name of the Course] [Date] Happiness Happiness, according to Aristotle is the outcome of human activity, and the happy man is seen to be at his best in work, activity and liveliness. Happiness, in his opinion, was the ultimate goal of life and of leading a virtuous life…
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But this does not mean that having children entails happiness to all. Being happy means, individual has to meet the physiological and psychosocial needs to reach self actualization, be contented in life and accept one’s destiny in life. Life is not perfect as evident by many challenges individuals meet in their life.
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Happiness. Every person in society would like to have a good life. As such, pleasure is part of good and virtuous life; pleasure is part of human life since it leads to happiness. In my perception of happiness, I can associate happiness with hunger. In this sense, hunger in life is the natural condition of man and driven by human fight or struggle.
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According to the paper happiness can determine the success of individuals. The Christians, Jewish and Islam believe that the only way to find happiness is through following the teachings of the holy books. They also believe that once an individual has found inner happiness success will surely come their way. 
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Happiness The most significant factors that determine the happiness of an individual is his/her tendency to be thankful to God for whatever he/she has, and his/her tendency to do social service. Happiness is an emotional state that comes as a reward of having some goal accomplished or achieving something in life.
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Happiness is one of those qualifying factors that is incredibly difficult to define, and yet each person in the world uses it to rate their lives on a daily basis; it is the great question of life, ‘are you happy?’.
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negative behaviors of sadness, there is much less research on the “problem” of happiness, mainly because happiness is not a problem, simply somewhat of a mystery. Myers and Diener (1995) appear to suggest, as this writer would agree, that happiness comes from within. These
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Although to both of them it is a feeling that is difficult, its effects can be easily described by these individuals. Given the candid nature in which they explained their state of happiness, it was clear that
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However, this is in contrast to what researchers maintain. This is because contrary to most people’s expectations, wealth or material possessions present one of the main causes of unhappiness implying that
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