Ethics and Global Climate Change

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Ethics and Global Climate Change Reasons for Stephen Gardiner’s Belief One of the most typical problems of the human race related to environment is that of global warming which is caused by anthropogenic emanation. This problem has a global reach due to the reason that humidity of the climate cannot be ascertained as a result of any single factor but is caused due to destructive emissions that can be from any part of the world.


The countries of the present world which are more developed than other countries with respect to economic factors are greater contributors to the emission of harmful particles into the climate. In the same manner, the economically developed countries also holds higher power of addressing the issue of reducing global warming when it comes to inculcating cost towards utilization of various innovative equipments that can significantly reduce global warming. Stephen Gardiner, in his article addressing issues of climate change, argued that the nations which are economically developed or the rich nations should take charge of bearing the most amount of costs required for the purpose of addressing consequences of global warming or eradication of the entire issue of global warming. Stephen Gardiner argued this way principally on the grounds of strong perspectives of economics and liability. In terms of economical aspect, Stephen Gardiner presented reasoning behind his argument on the basis of an Integrated Assessment (IA) model. ...
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