Plato's Crito Essay

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Crito Socrates was imprisoned and was sentenced to death at Athens’ prison. Apparently, a state galley sailed off for an annual religious service to Delos. Being so sacred for the Athenians, no executions were permitted while the galley was away. While waiting for the ship to arrive at Athens and for his death, Socrates’ old friend came to try to save him by convincing him to break out of prison.


However Socrates, being persuaded by Crito, did not responded to his friend’ plea. He neglected his friends’ proposal for reasons he had given. He had based his reasons for clear and precise arguments. Socrates believes that: 1. One ought to live rightly. 2. One ought never to do wrong. 3. One must never do wrong in return for a wrong. 4. One ought to keep agreements. 5. It would be wrong to break the laws. 6. Laws are just. Socrates believed that all laws authorized by a certain state should be obeyed, not by majority, by all individuals within the state. Being a citizen of Athens, Socrates already knew Athens’ laws and still continued to live there. When one is already familiar with the laws of a state, and still he chooses to continue to live there, he enters into an implied contract to obey the laws of the state and; having entered into the contract, one should either obey the laws or convince the state that they are unjust. Then Socrates, being a citizen of Athens, entered into an implied contract agreement to obey Athens’ laws. So, having entered into the contract Socrates must either obey the laws or convince Athens’ that he is unjust. ...
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