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Plato's Crito - Essay Example


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Plato's Crito

However Socrates, being persuaded by Crito, did not responded to his friend’ plea. He neglected his friends’ proposal for reasons he had given. He had based his reasons for clear and precise arguments. Socrates believes that: 1. One ought to live rightly. 2. One ought never to do wrong. 3. One must never do wrong in return for a wrong. 4. One ought to keep agreements. 5. It would be wrong to break the laws. 6. Laws are just. Socrates believed that all laws authorized by a certain state should be obeyed, not by majority, by all individuals within the state. Being a citizen of Athens, Socrates already knew Athens’ laws and still continued to live there. When one is already familiar with the laws of a state, and still he chooses to continue to live there, he enters into an implied contract to obey the laws of the state and; having entered into the contract, one should either obey the laws or convince the state that they are unjust. Then Socrates, being a citizen of Athens, entered into an implied contract agreement to obey Athens’ laws. So, having entered into the contract Socrates must either obey the laws or convince Athens’ that he is unjust. ...
Socrates’ decision of not coming along Crito and his plan was the best and the right thing to be done. Some may think that Socrates was acting like a fool for what he had done. However examining Socrates’ reasons, to be based by arguments, it is clear that what he has done was the right thing. The vital part of his reasons was the first one. One

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While Socrates felt duty bound to die in service of the state and fulfillment of his sentence, I believe the other two figures would react far differently were they shuttled back in time and forced to join Socrates in his cell. Plato wrote first, by a significant margin, and so it makes sense to begin the analysis with his rather famous dialog.
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Public organization, according to Plato, follows from the very conditions of existence, where a person is placed. Person’s organism constantly uses its strength, and this expense is the necessary condition of its activities which should be constantly made up for normal existence.
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In the case of Socrates' imprisonment, Plato's loyalty and love were put on trial as he felt the pressure of being ridiculed by others as to what kind of friend he is to Socrates. It is just appropriate to give credit to the concern that Plato has shown over the life of Socrates.
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as well as any and all key issues which are related to this subject of issue. The aim of this paper is to discuss all of this, in order to pose a more intellectual and critical understanding and viewpoint on this issue. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
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Plato using Socrates in The Republic argues constitutional government development in four main phases: timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, and tyranny. Plato/Socrates use these examples when explaining an Ideal State. Timocracy is defined as a government ruled by people who love honor and are selected according to the degree of honor they hold in society.
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Philosophical Work: Crito
His writings include debates distressing the finest probable structure of government and the difference between information and true faith. The most significant writings of Plato are his dialogues and many believe that some of his early written dialogues were those based on the real conversations of Socrates and the ones written later are totally made up by Plato on his own.
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Plato's Crito
Crito, being so faithful and a good friend of Socrates, made everything that was needed for Socrates to break out of prison. He tried everything that was
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According to Soccio (126), this philosopher believed that he could identify and articulate the difference between opinion and genuine knowledge by developing a theory of knowledge. The theory of knowledge developed by Plato states that all knowledge is innate and could be
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To this effect, Crito knew that if Socrates died, the society would think he valued money more than the life of his dear friend (Plato 51). The idea
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The author explains the significant views and opinions of Socrates and Crito during their conversation in the prison. Crito being a close friend of Socrates tried hard to take him out from the jail. But Socrates wanted to follow the rules and regulations of the state for showing his duty and responsibilities towards the society.
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ought to live rightly. Living rightly is the same as living well or living justly. Socrates believes that one is ought to live a just life, and in order to live a just life, one must do right and must not do what is not right and that it is not right to do wrong, and that laws are just. Socrates was wronged by the citizens. To escape in prison is to disobey the law and to disobey the law is to break an agreement between Athens and him; breaking an agreement is doing wrong, and doing wrong will eventually harm others therefore it is wrong; to inflict a wrong doing in return for a wrong is wrong. If I were in Socrates’ shoes, I would have done the same. What he thought and believed was simple and just. Like him, I also believe that laws are just and that one must live right. In order to live right and just, one must do what is right and must not do what is not right. Even thinking that my life would be over pretty soon, I would still be considering my thoughts and arguments by which I am living for and by. This act is right for two lines of reasons. First, if I would escape the prison and escape death, neither I am obeying the law anymore, nor I am successful on convincing my state that I am unjust, rather I am doing a thing that is a just violation of the implied contract agreement between me and the state that rose when I started to choose the state as a place for me to live. Moreover, as I am violating the contract
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Crito Socrates was imprisoned and was sentenced to death at Athens’ prison. Apparently, a state galley sailed off for an annual religious service to Delos. Being so sacred for the Athenians, no executions were permitted while the galley was away. While waiting for the ship to arrive at Athens and for his death, Socrates’ old friend came to try to save him by convincing him to break out of prison…
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