Theory Analysis - Watson's Theory of Human Care

Theory Analysis - Watson
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Running Head: THEORY OF HUMAN CARE Theory Analysis – Watson’s theory of Human Care [Name] [Course] [Professor’s name] [Date] Abstract: The paper takes up a seven step analysis of Watson’s Theory of Human Care which has evolved from the carative factors of nursing.


History The Watson’s Theory of Human Care had started taking its form through the evolution of philosophies of Dr. Jean Watson. In 1979 she gave the concept of 10 carative factors of nursing. Since then her theories have undergone several changes, though the salient framework of the theories have remained consistent. The factors mentioned above were based on philosophy, science and the art of caring. Later the concept developed into the idea of clinical caritas meaning the cherishing and appreciating the job and mixed love with the idea of nursing. The concepts were reviewed by the author from time to time in 1985 and again in 1988. She also emphasized on the development of interpersonal help and trust and relationship of care. In 1999 Watson developed the Transpersonal Caring Relation. In this theory she highlighted the potential of the connection that the nurse can establish to care and heal the patient. She also speaks of the subjective concern of the nurse for the patient (Cara, n.d.; Alligood, Marriner-Tomey, 2006, 103-104). Meaning Watson in his Theory of Human Care has emphasized on the connection of the nurse with the patient to build a relationship based on care. ...
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