Gay Marriage: Not a Very Good Idea by William J.Bennett.

Gay Marriage: Not a Very Good Idea by William J.Bennett. Essay example
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The author, William J. Bennett was Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and Secretary of Education under President Reagan, and Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Bush.


He was also the author of The Book of Virtues several other best sellers. His latest work is The Educated Child: A Parent's Guide from Preschool Through Eighth Grade. The major theme of this article is against gay marriage culture which is getting popular in many of the countries. In this article, the author argues that gay marriage may change the meaning of marriage. In his opinion, “The function of marriage is not elastic; the institution is already fragile enough. Broadening its definition to include same-sex marriages would stretch it almost beyond recognition” (Bennet, 1996). He also point out that marriage is not an arbitrary construct, but it is natural. He has pointed out the opinions of many of the prominent scholars in order to substantiate his argument against gay marriage in this article. The author also warns the people that the institution of marriage is already reeling because of the revolutionary concepts in sex activities. He has also expressed his concerns in legalizing gay marriage and homosexuality because of his anxiety over enormous repercussions gay marriages can bring in many areas(Bennet, 1996). Approach The author used both analytical and instinctive methods judiciously in this article to catch the attention of the readers. For example he used the opinions of others many times for the in depth analysis of the topic. Moreover, he has analyzed the arguments both in favor and against gay marriage in order to make conclusions. ...
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