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Name 4 July 2011 Assignment Jean-Paul Sartre was a French existentialist philosopher and has laid down the foundation of literary and philosophical existentialism in 20th century philosophy with the help of his works and doctrines. This paper helps to provide the reader with an insight into one of the most talked about questions in the field of existentialism, regarding God and His existence.


Most people have branded this creator by the name of God. Philosophers like Kant and Descartes have been able to give the example of an artisan that creates a paper knife or a paper cutter and designs it for a specific purpose, in order to meet a specific goal of cutting paper and have copied the same analogy for the purpose of a human being. Thus, God is the creator that has made individuals that roam the planet Earth and they come with a specific purpose of meeting their personal goals and objectives. However, there are atheist existentialists that believe that man ‘just is’. They do not believe that man has to be created by someone by the name of God, and thus write that the human race just began existing. This can be compared to certain moral values within society that people follow; for example, it is nowhere written that people must not lie or cheat; people choose to not lie or cheat because it is the ‘good thing’ to do. Once again however, it has nowhere been mentioned by anyone in particular as to what ‘is good’ and what is not. According to Dostoevsky, “If God did not exist, everything would be permitted.” This very sentence is the starting point for most existentialists. ...
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