Contemporary Moral Problems of Nanotechnologies - Essay Example

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Contemporary Moral Problems of Nanotechnologies

As a result, the technology is rife with risks and corresponding hazards. The field entails numerous unanticipated effects that could be disastrous not just for people and the environment but for the technology itself as uncertainty impacts development and its regulation. Unit II outlined the conceptual apparatus that is designed to explain and address this challenge. The first component was risk. As has been explained, much of nanotechnology is still within the area of speculation and that the risks are nothing different. These risks, which are seen to impact the environment and human health especially, were classified first by the authors into four: unwanted event that may or may not occur; the cause of an event that may or may not occur; the probability of an unwanted event which may or may not occur; and, the expected outcome of unwanted events. (Alhoff, Lin & Moore 2010, p. 74) Clearly, all the classified risks are not clearly identified especially the first two as they both are qualitative in nature. The unwanted event as cited is quite ambiguous because there is an uncertainty as to its occurrence. It may or may not happen. There is a clear sense of unknowing, which, in itself, constitutes a great part of the risks already. After the risks, the precautionary principles were outlined. ...Show more


Part I: Reconstruct the “conceptual apparatus” the authors elucidate in Unit II. The basic argument found in Unit II appears to work on the basis of one important assumption: that nanotechnology is still anchored on several disciplines, theories and principles today…
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