philosophical meanings behind 4 films

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The Philosophy of Movies Word Count: 1090 Surrogates, Being John Malkovich, Garden State, The Social Network (1) Plato, Apology (70 words) Being John Malkovich is a movie that has somewhat to do with one’s state of mind in life. Plato, in his Apology, was at the end of his life before he got poisoned with hemlock and he would ultimately be assassinated.


As one ponders moral influences, Surrogates definitely brings up issues of morality in and of itself. Like the title implies, Surrogates has meaning attached to it that is of interesting moral consequence. As we see in Laches, Plato explores the various depth perceptions of morality. (3) Plato, Republic books 2, 3 & 4 ?(99 words) Plato’s Republic, books 2, 3, and 4, are reflected in the questions that are faced by the main character in the movie Garden State, where Zach Braff is playing a character named Andrew Largeman, or “Large,” as he is called by his friends. Basically, Plato sets up the stage for the later chapter of the Republic wherein he will discuss virtue more in-depth. In the beginning, however, Plato, like Large, is considering pondering the great questions of life. Largeman questions whether he really needs medication, while Plato philosophizes about what consists of the good, the truthful, and the beautiful. (4) Plato, Republic book 7 ?(134 words) Plato’s seventh book of the Republic more adequately reflects what is meant by virtuousness, or basically what is good and moral. Large in Garden State reflects the ideas that morals are a part of family values as he tries to build a future with Sam, the female lead in Garden State whom Andrew meets at a doctor’s office. ...
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