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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Diversity The advancements in technologies and the concept of globalization have brought people closer to each other. People are now able to connect with anyone and are able to move from one place to the other within no time.


The educational institutes encourage students from different backgrounds to join the courses so that a diverse environment can be created. Diversity is an important perspective of education these days because of the advantages that it brings along with itself. Multilingual education has been proposed to be beneficial by many and diversity can promote this type of education. One of the students in our class who belongs to a different country and race is Yang Li. Yang Li is a Chinese student who transferred to BSU to do his majors in Business Administration. Yang Li is a person who knows how to speak both English and Chinese. He has always had interest in playing sports and has excelled in basketball by becoming a part of the college basketball team. Yang Li is not much of a social person as he does not interact with people who speak English only. The reason for this behavior in my view is that he is more comfortable with his Chinese friends. In other words he feels comfortable when speaking Chinese and not English. He attended a Chinese university for an year after being transferred to the American university. He is going to graduate in the next year from BSU and complete his majors. ...
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