Abortion of Fetus with Down Syndrome

Abortion of Fetus with Down Syndrome Essay example
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Abortion has become an issue subject to heated debate in the public forum. The proponents of Abortion claim that it is vital in order to save the life of a mother or to justify the nature of the mother of not wanting the potential baby.


For instance, these proponents have argued that for a fetus with Down syndrome, it is permissible to carry out abortion. Down syndrome (DS) is a health condition in which superfluous genetic material leads to delays in the mental and physical development. This paper holds that it is morally permissible to abort a fetus with Down syndrome due to various reasons. Apparently, aborting this fetus will save it future pain and suffering once born. In addition, the fetus lacks capacity for making its own decision and does not have the capacity to desire for the continuation of its existence. Moreover, the fetus lacks more developed person-like features and it lacks fully developed rights to life (Warren, 2004).
Moral issues surrounding abortion. The issue of terminal conditions and abortion accrues from the idea of active euthanasia. Marquis (1989) indicates that the overall issue of killing a person who is terminally ill to save him or her from pain is sometimes not justifiable. This accrues from the premise that death is more painful that all other forms of physical pain. On the other hand, he claims that it is not generally wrong to kill the person who would die anyway. Under this premise, it is then not morally wrong to abort or terminate a fetus suffering from a terminal condition such as Down syndrome. This raises the proposition that aborting might be illegal but considering the moral responsibility concerning terminal conditions, it becomes morally justifiable.
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