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Running head: SENSORY PERCEPTIONS Sensory Perceptions The interpretation and conscious recognition of sensory data serves as a means to understand, learn and know specific actions and reactions. Such a mental process recognizes and interprets objects through the senses that are stimulated by physical objects.


Difficulties faced in examining animals relate to whether they fail to response because of the need to perceive or because of the reluctance to do so. Recent research has clearly indicated that the great apes have similar language abilities as human beings, in terms of perceptions relative to sensory information. In fact considerably controversy has been created by suggestions that there is a similarity in the language ability of apes and human beings (Terrace et al, 1979). The accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information is determined by the distinction between sensations and perceptions and to what extent they vary in relation to how the different terms are defined. A second factor that determines the extent of accuracy in this regard is that perceptions are dependent upon the impact of learning through taste, touch, smell and hearing. Thirdly, vision is the most important factor that is considered to impact sensory information. Researchers have been focusing upon the constituent components of visual perception and the need to analyze organized wholes because humans are prone to relate with patterns. Moreover, visual objects have the tendency to remain stable in spite of constantly altering stimulus characteristics such as contrast of figure arrangements, perspectives and ambient light. ...
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