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BUSINESS PROPOSAL FOR HEALTH INSURANCE SERVICES ACCESS MORTAGE COMPANY 7/11/2011 UnitedHealthCare [Type the author name] Health Insurance Proposal Submitted to By UnitedHealthCare July 11, 2011 Contents Contents 3 Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 History of the Company & Competitive Landscape 6 Products & Services Offered 7 The Expertise 7 Costs 8 Why we are better than our competitors 8 Schedule 9 Conclusion 9 Bibliography 10 Executive Summary Employee health is one of the significant areas of concern for any organization and each organization should put in place proper health insurance.


Our people and years of experience in the market have made us an organization of choice. Our extensive network with major health service providers ensures that our customers receive comprehensive health care services. Access Mortgage Company can definitely take benefit from our extensive range of products and services. Besides we are also willing to offer the additional services of psychological counseling as well as substantive abuse rehabilitation with minimum costs. At a total cost of $125 per employee per month, Access Mortgage Company can enjoy both of these benefits besides getting the regular services of our company. Introduction Caring and providing for healthcare of the employees is one of the best investments organizations do in order to ensure that employees remain healthy and motivated. ...
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